FAQ's for new guests

We know it can be overwhelming to visit a church for the first time, especially an older church with a sprawling campus and multiple entrances. We hope we can answer some questions here, but we also encourage you to fill out a contact form, so we can personally help you plan your visit.

1. What time are services? 

The short answer is 10:10 am, plus a really unique program we call "Breakfast at the Heights" that is sort of like a worship service. We recommend that you read more about our worship services before choosing to attend, as they are pretty different. We want your experience to be great. You're always welcome to request a phone call or email from Pastor Brian before attending, too, if you have questions. He doesn't bite. In fact, we think he's pretty great.

2. What should I wear?

We promise that your wardrobe doesn't matter to us one bit. Some of us life-long church-goers prefer to dress up in casual dresses or even a suit, but you'll see that most of us wear khakis, jeans or even shorts. Some of us are snappy dressers and others are just proud to have gotten out of our pajamas on Sunday morning. We're glad you're here, regardless.

3. Where should I park?

The best parking lot for first-time guests is the large parking lot along Tyler Street between 9th and 10th street. 

4. Where do I enter? There are so many doors! 

Goodness, don't we know it? The picture below is the most helpful thing we can offer online, but we have been told we're friendly, so feel free to march right up to any knowledgeable looking person and ask for directions. 

If you're planning to attend a worship service, enter under the green awning marked "Sanctuary | Chapel" to the left of the big portico entrance.