Phase 2

After our church voted to move forward into Phase 2 of the Healthy Church Initiative, our lay team began by compiling a Self Study for our consultation team. That report included attendance and growth data, financial reports, written publications, survey results from our congregation, and even more useful information so that our consultants could have access to what makes Floral Heights UMC unique.

On February 9th-11th, we will have our Consultation Weekend - one of the single most important parts of the entire HCI process.  Below is the schedule for the weekend. 





















The entire congregation is encouraged to attend the "From Maintenance to Mission" workshop. 





















At the conclusion of the weekend, we will have only one service at 10:50 led by Reverend Jim Ozier, and receive a report and prescriptions from our consultation team.  These five prescriptions are their recommendations for moving our church forward toward even greater growth and transformation. 





















After we've had time to individually process the prescriptions, the whole congregation is invited to attend town hall meetings, where we'll be able to ask and answer questions about the implications of those recommendations.





















Finally, shortly after the town hall meetings, we'll have a Church Conference on March 6th at 7:00 pm, so that we can all vote to either accept or deny the prescriptions we have received.  We must accept all five prescriptions or none at all.  If we choose to accept the consultants' recommendations, we'll move toward Phase 3 of the Healthy Church Initiative Process, in which we'll receive a coach to help us implement these prescriptions for a full year.