Phase 1 Recap

Last year, our Lay Leadership Development Team and our Pastor completed a special curriculum intended to train us and prepare us for the entire Healthy Church Initiative Process.  These books below were part of our curriculum, and we encourage all our church members and regular guests to read them as well.  Each month, we read a book on our reading list, and then came together as a team with a facilitator to discuss the content and discover how God is calling us to reach a new generation for Christ. The books provide a solid foundation for a shared vision and church growth.

At the conclusion of Phase 1, our church voted to continue into Phase 2 of the Healthy Church Initiative.

Renovate or Die- Bob Farr
Clip In: Risking Hospitality in Your Church- Jim Ozier and Fiona Haworth
The Externally Focused Church – Rick Rusaw & Eric Swanson
Get Their Name -Doug Anderson, Bob Farr, Kay Kotan
Simple Church -Thom Rainer & Eric Geiger
Bearing Fruit: Ministry with Real Results– Lovett H.Weems, Jr. & Tom Berlin